ACTIVSAT - Automatic satellite antenna on TELECO tripod

Marque : TELECO

Ref : T18280

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Description :

You can park your van or van under the shade of the trees and place the ACTIVSAT automatic system on the adjacent meadow.

Three different satellite antennas:
1) 85 cm transparent acrylic dish, reduced visual impact
2) 65 cm transparent acrylic dish, reduced visual impact
3) TWIN 65 cm transparent acrylic dish, reduced visual impact
4) TWIN 85 cm transparent acrylic dish, reduced visual impact

Simply take and open the tripod, mount the motor unit at the end, insert the dish and connect the cable (15 meters) to the vehicle's special Activsat external socket.

Installation is really quick and simple and does not require additional instruments.

The antenna will point to the satellite in seconds, both via Bluetooth, using your smartphone, or by simply pressing a button on the control unit inside the caravan.

It is possible to easily choose between 2 search methods:
Fast search (the dish limits the search to only 120° and, in addition to being much faster, it saves 70% of battery power). To use the quick search, it is necessary to first point the dish towards the SOUTH. If you cannot find out where SOUTH is, you can turn off Quick Search and the System will automatically perform Full 360° Search.

Each time ACTIVSAT points to a satellite, this position is saved in the system's memory and helps further reduce the duration of the next search.

The kit includes:

- 1 Activsat antenna

- 1 DVBS2 Bluetooth pointer

- 15 meters of coaxial cable (TV reception)

- 15 meters of electrical cables (motor power supply)

- 1 user manual


Optional :

- sockets for quick connections in WESTACC or FAWO format

- external 110 dB siren with red flash

- ActivSat bags for tripod storage

- ActivSat bags for satellite dish storage


Technical data :

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