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The Gen1 is a unique and versatile device designed to save space and weight in a vehicle while providing the highest level of environmental comfort as well as 10L of hot water. The Aqua-Hot Gen1 can heat water independently of the boiler, keeping campervan owners comfortable all year round and ensuring they are always ready for a hot, luxurious shower, wherever they are are on the road. Warm air circulates throughout the coach interior via 4 air outlets where it is distributed evenly and efficiently for a consistently comfortable internal temperature. The Aqua-Hot Gen1 is rated for high-altitude operation up to 4,572 meters above sea level, compared to competing models which are only rated up to 1,219 meters. Gen1 uses open-source RV-C intelligence for user-friendly control and easy integration into the RV's multiplex system.


A heating and water heater system

- High altitude up to 4572 meters

- No anode design

- Easy to use controls

- Automated timer

- 4 heating fan speeds

- 10 air circulation fan speeds

- Open Source/RVC ready

Gen1 P Gen1 D
Hot water capacity 8.5L stainless steel tank 8.5L stainless steel tank
Time to heat the water tank 20'' 20''
Fuel type Propane Diesel
Heating power 20,000 BTU/hr
13,500 BTU/hr
Electric heating power 6,000 BTU/hr 6,000 BTU/hr
Fuel consumption (maximum) 0.16 to 0.48 kg/h 0.6 L/h
Power source 12 V DC - 110 V AC 12 V DC - 110 V AC
Current consumption (maximum) 15.6A 15.6A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 450 x 510 x 300mm 450 x 510 x 300mm
Weight (without water) 15.6 kg 15.6 kg
Air flow 169 CFM
169 CFM
Good operating altitude 4600 meters
4600 meters

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