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The Pop 32 barbecue meets the requirements of practical, healthy and fat-free cooking inside or outside your recreational vehicle. It sits on a gas stove and consists of a 32 cm diameter barbecue, with grill, oven pan and lid.
It is made of aluminum with a reinforced base for better heat diffusion with a non-stick coating.

Casco Nobel Gliss non-stick coating for a guarantee of hygiene and long life.
Easily washable with a sponge or in the dishwasher
Works on electric and gas hob (Not glass-ceramic or induction compatible)
Dimensions: 32 cm in diameter without handles
Central hole: 13 cm in diameter

Ideas for dishes to cook with the Barbecue Pop 32: Cakes, pizzas, crepes, popcorn, rotis, potatoes.
Dietary cooking possible.
Among the foods that you can cook to the great pleasure of all, meat steaks (beef, pork, chicken, ground steaks, sausages), fish (including large shrimp and octopus), vegetables (peppers, eggplant , etc).
Finally, you can also toast leftover bread, often wasted in families, and obtain tasty bread, an ideal base for “bruschettas” or for your recipes.

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