Sliding base for Travel Box refrigerator

Marque : OFF Indel B

Ref : OZ999/1133

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The TRAVEL BOX sliding base is made of solid steel lacquered with a scratch-resistant finish. This slide kit allows you to secure the TRAVEL BOX securely and to install it under furniture, for example. The slide will then allow the TRAVEL BOX to be extracted so that it can be opened without difficulty.

The lock/unlock mechanism allows the sled to be anchored in 3 positions until fully extracted. The sliding base, already pre-drilled for fixing points.
This kit also includes 4 straps to secure your refrigerator to the sled and provide security during travel.
Compatible only with the TRAVEL BOX range (except TB15 & TB18)

The kit includes:

- 1 slide mechanism

- 4 fixing straps

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