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The ideal minicamper design with a minimalist approach focusing on maximizing functionality and comfort while reducing unnecessary features and bulk.

What you get:

  • Comfortable sleeping for two people
  • A two-seater sofa – so you can both enjoy the best views while smelling the coffee from the nearby table
  • A table and two stools – for comfortable meals
  • A sliding work surface for meal preparation
  • A bag to store the packaged set or… send it by plane anywhere far away

Unique characteristics :

1.) Designed to fit in a suitcase ready for air travel, making it an ideal companion for travelers who want to fly 4,000 km and rent a car upon arrival, freeing themselves from the constraints of weather and radius “weekend, local” camping.

2.) Easy Installation: No tools or car modifications are required for the simple installation of the miniB.

3.) A unique outdoor sofa for two people, which you get by disconnecting the two front parts of the bed – everyone will look at you with delight while you eat breakfast with a view or watch a festival scene bundled up in a warm blanket...

The set includes:

  • A main trunk with storage space (adjustable height for full use of trunk space)
  • A sliding work surface
  • A suspended bed structure for two people – load capacity up to 200 kg
  • A table with two heights (for a picnic on the blanket or to match the sofa and stools)
  • Two stools for the table (legs interchangeable with those of the sofa)
  • A sofa created by disconnecting two bed elements, for outdoor use and to charm arriving guests
  • Two straps certified for a load of up to 250 kg to secure the trunk in the trunk and hang the bed on the headrests
  • Two Allen keys for adjustments
  • A set of mattresses with removable covers, suitable for outdoor bed and sofa
  • A bag to store and transport everything


The dimensions of the packaged set are 65x25x110 cm – the box contains a high quality rest set.

Net weight of the set – 28 kg. Weight with packaging – 30 kg.

The set comes fully assembled; the user only has to set:

  • The height of the support feet for the trunk
  • Attach the two levels of elements under the mattress
  • Install it in the car and enjoy using the minicamper in just a few moments. The total installation work takes 5 to 15 minutes, depending on whether one or two people participate in the assembly and how they cooperate 😉
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