CRUISE 49L - Compression refrigerator

Marque : OFF Indel B

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Description :

The CRUISE 49 Indel B refrigerator is a true compression refrigerator with high performance comparable to the refrigerator in your home It has a volume of 49L.

The CRUISE range of refrigerators is designed to keep food at a safe temperature while you travel thanks to its 12/24V operation.

The 2022 CRUISE range has been upgraded with a new simple and quick EASY-FIX mounting system, ideal for vans. It allows you to fix the refrigerator from the inside.

A new handle with a contemporary design is both functional and practical, also with new internal stainless steel details. The energy aspect has also been improved thanks to the optimization of the refrigeration system to reduce consumption, while maintaining high and constant operating performance.

The CRUISE is the smallest built-in compressor refrigerator for caravans and motorhomes. They all have a freezer compartment. They are available with a side opening door. The CRUISE 49 can store bottles both vertically and horizontally.

The kit includes:

- 1 CRUISE refrigerator



- Capacity: 49 liters

- Supply voltage: 12/24 Volts DC

- Current consumption: 0.278 kWh/24h

- Power: 45W

- Overall dimensions: l 380 x h 530 x d 495 mm

- Weight: 16.6 kg

- Conformity: CE, TÜV/GS, E approved according to 2004/104/EC (EMC directives)



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