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The solar charge controller is based on advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology which enables conversion efficiency of up to 98%.

The main features that distinguish the solar charge controller are:
• Use of innovative Max Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology which allows maximum tracking efficiency (> 99.9%)
• Using fully digital technology with high charge conversion efficiency (up to 98%)
• Design of the LCD display which allows easy reading of operating data and working conditions
• Energy statistics work in real time
• Flexible system battery selection: liquid, gel, AGM and lithium
• Four-phase battery charging process: MPPT, boost, equalization, float
• Double automatic protection to avoid exceeding the rated power and charging current
• Multiple charging control modes: always on, lantern, user-defined mode
• Two USB interfaces, available in the SCP15/1 model, for charging devices
• Wireless communication available for MPPT SPC 20/1 B and MPPT SPC 30/1 B models
• Installed remote temperature sensor helps extend battery life


Technical data MPPT SPC15/1 MPPT SPC20/1B MPPT SPC30/1B
System voltage 12V 12V/24V automatic recognition
Maximum charging current 15A 20A 30A
Voltage Boost 14.5V @ 25°C 14.0~14.8V / 28.0~29.6V @ 25°C
(Preset setting: 14.5 / 29 V)
Equalization voltage 14.8 V @ 25°C (Liquid, AGM) 14.0~15.0V / 28.0~30.0V @ 25°C
(Preset setting: 14.8 / 29.6 V)
Floating voltage 13.7V @ 25°C 13.0~14.5V / 26.0~29.0V @ 25°C
(Preset setting: 13.7 / 27.4 V)
Disconnect voltage 10.8~11.8V, SOC1~5
(Preset setting: 11.2 V)
10.8~11.8V / 21.6~23.6V, SOC1~5
(Preset setting: 11.2 / 22.4 V)
Thermal compensation -4.17 mV/K per cell (boost, equalization)
-3.33 mV/K per cell (boost, equalization)
Battery Type Gel, AGM, Liquido, Litio (Preset: Gel)
Maximum voltage on the photovoltaic terminal 35V (*1) 75 V at -40 °C (*1) / 70 V at 25 °C (*1)
Maximum incoming power 200W 260/520W 390/780W200W
Outgoing current 10A 20A 30A
USB interface 5V - 2A X X
Wireless X V V
Operating mode Always on / Lampion / User defined mode
Maximum tracking efficiency >99.9%
Maximum load conversion 97.5% 98%
Dimensions 189x96x53mm 189x182x58mm 189x182x64mm
Weight 420g 1 Kg 1.3 Kg 1 kg
Self-consumption 0.2W ≤8 mA (12 V), ≤12 mA (24 V)​
Power terminals 8AWG (10mm²) 6AWG (16mm²)
Ambient temperature -20°C / +55°C

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