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Soplair blackout interior curtain (4 windows + rear tailgate or doors)

Curtain lined with black and gray jersey. This high density complex will protect you from sunlight during the day to allow you to get the most out of your vehicle.

For each window, we provide 2 rails (top and bottom), 2 curtains equipped with curtain clips, 4 snaps, 4 slide stops and 2 retaining ties. FABRIC: polyester. it ensures opacity to light and excellent resistance to rubbing and tearing. Thanks to its flammable treatment, the fabric does not burn in accordance with European Directive 95/28/EC.

Painted aluminum rail.

Compatible with many models. (available with double doors or hatchback with 4 windows)

Interior blackout curtains (opaque) - Kit including 2 rails, 4 slide stops, 4 pressure buttons, 2 retaining ties, and clips for each window

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