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Quiet, light and easy to install and equipped with cutting-edge technology, it has been designed taking into account all new resources to obtain an ecologically clean product. It works with R32 refrigerant gas which has the lowest global warming potential (GWP 675) compared to all current air conditioners for mobile vehicles, reducing the risk of environmental pollution by 70% compared to gases. used until now.
Two models are available, with different cooling power and each equipped with a heat pump. Cold, Heat, Ventilation and Automatic functions selectable from the remote control and Timer function.
The SilentPlus 5900H model has been designed for low consumption and can also be connected to a battery via a pure sine wave inverter of at least 1500 W (in operation) so that it can be used when the vehicle is working. The internal diffuser, small in size and with a modern design, is only 4.2 cm thick and this allows it to be installed easily due to its reduced dimensions. Equipped with a light blue multifunction screen and LED indicators that can be turned on and off with the remote control.


Technical characteristics
SILENT Plus 5900H SILENT Plus 8100H
Cold power 5,900 BTU / 1730 W 8,100 BTU / 2370 W
Heating 5,600 BTU / 1640 W 8,000 BTU / 2300 W
Fan speeds 3 + AUTO 3 + AUTO
Food 230 V - 50 Hz 230 V - 50 Hz
Fluent 2.9A ico freddo 4.8A ico freddo
medium absorbed 2.8A ico caldo 4.3A ico caldo
Starting current 15 A (15 m sec.) 18 A (15 m sec.)
Power 680W ico freddo 1100W ico freddo
absorbed 640W ico caldo 1000W ico caldo
Group required 2200W 2200W
Maximum air flow 400 m3/h 450 m3/h
Weight 34 kg. 36 kg.
Dimensions 23.9x98x65 cm 23.9x98x65 cm
Diffuser height 4.2x45x45 cm. 4.2x45x45 cm.
WiFi option* YES YES
Choice of BLACK color - YES
*WiFi compatible with ICW interface (optional)

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