SLEEPING WELL CUBE 12V - 12V portable air conditioner

Marque : OFF Indel B

Ref : OSW012C02IB

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Compact and lightweight, SLEEPING WELL Cube 12V is a portable air conditioner mainly designed for small spaces such as a tent, trailer tent or small van with opening roof.

It can be easily moved from one vehicle to another and does not require fixed installation like all traditional air conditioning systems. Thanks to the flexible air intake tubes, it quickly adapts to any environment, providing a pleasant feeling of freshness and low energy consumption.


SW Cube 12V does not require any special installation: you attach the connection kit to the power cable and it is ready to use.

SW Cube 12V has an automatic mode to optimize the speed of the compressor and fans, ensuring lower power consumption. It is reversible and can operate in cold and hot mode.


It is possible to adjust the temperature and ventilation speed directly on the unit or using the remote control.

The kit includes:

- 1 SLEEPING WELL 12V unit

- 1 remote control

- 1 12V power cable

- 4 flexible tubes

- 4 tube fixing studs

- 1 carrying strap

Technical data :




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