STEEL BLACK - Double doors 12/24V & 115/220V - Portable reinforced compression refrigerator

Marque : OFF Indel B

Ref : OLTB092DO300AN

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Description :

The STEEL BLACK DOUBLE DOORS range is a robust portable compression refrigerator with multiple operating sources. It can operate in 12/24V and 115/230V via an adapter. (optional)

The double door - double thermostat version allows you to set two different temperatures in the two different cabinets. The STEEL DOUBLE DOORS range therefore allows you to set a positive temperature and a negative temperature, for example.

The STEEL BLACK DOUBLE DOORS range has been designed and designed to withstand the extreme weather and harsh conditions you face when driving off-road or overland.

In addition, the new control panel allows you to control power and temperature via the buttons but also via the smartphone thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. It also has a MIN and MAX function . In MIN mode , the compressor operates at minimum speed maintaining a cool temperature inside. In MAX mode , the compressor operates with the maximum number of revolutions until the chosen temperature is reached.

The new STEEL BLACK DOUBLE DOORS range includes retractable handles with a new design for easier handling. It is also equipped with reinforcement at the corners, pressure closures with a hole for the integrated security padlock and new reinforced hinges with four anchor points.

Finally, inside the STEEL is equipped with two baskets and two lights.

The kit includes:

- 1 STEEL BLACK DOUBLE DOOR portable refrigerator
- 1 12/24V power cable (cigarette lighter socket)

- 2 organizer baskets

Optional :

- steel slide base

- 220V adapter on cigarette lighter socket

Technical data :

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