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THERMAL PROTECTION Complex of 6 layers with an aluminized film. A real barrier against temperature differences. It will protect you from heat and cold, improving your comfort inside your motorhome.

NO CONDENSATION Thermocover eliminates condensation and fogging inside your vehicle.
OPAQUE The opacity of your Thermocover will preserve the privacy of your cell. It will also prevent UV rays from penetrating the interior of the vehicle and damaging your dashboard.

WATERPROOF Completely waterproof.
FUNCTIONAL Lightness and small footprint.
SECURITY Thermocover is placed on the doors. Bellows will prevent your shutter from being stolen and will make installation easier.
RESISTANT Resistant and solid, Thermocover is made of a PVC exterior fabric.
BICOLOR 2 different colors on both sides to quickly identify the interior/exterior and install it more quickly.
ANTI-SCRATCH Black anti-scratch interior fabric.
MAINTENANCE The plasticized PVC exterior fabric allows quick cleaning of your Thermocover at high pressure (20 cm minimum between the nozzle and the PVC fabric) or more simply with a damp sponge.

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Comment je faisais avant ?

Eh. Bien je ne peux plus m'en passer et je trouve le scratch bien mieux qu'une fermeture éclair pour ma petite taille, car je n'ai pas besoin de me hisser au maximum. Maintenant j'espère qu'il tiendra à l'usage 😉

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