EcoFlow Delta 2 - Portable electric station 1024wh

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The EcoFlow Delta 2 is a next generation portable power station designed to provide clean, reliable, portable power in a variety of situations, whether outdoors, camping, traveling, emergency situations or for domestic use. Here is a description of the EcoFlow Delta 2:
  • High Power Output: The EcoFlow Delta 2 features a peak output power of 2700W and a total continuous power of 1800W, which can power a wide range of electronic devices, appliances, power tools and other equipment.
  • Large Storage Capacity: With a 1024 Wh (85.33A 12V) lithium-ion battery, the EcoFlow Delta 2 provides sufficient energy storage capacity to meet various power supply needs.
  • Fast Charging: The EcoFlow Delta 2 can be quickly recharged in several ways, including via a standard wall outlet, vehicle cigarette lighter socket, solar panel, providing great charging flexibility.
  • Portable and user-friendly: With its ergonomic carrying handles, the EcoFlow Delta 2 is easy to transport and move, making it a convenient portable solution for on-the-go energy. It also has a color LCD screen to clearly display information on battery status, energy input/output and estimated operating times.
  • Safe and reliable: The EcoFlow Delta 2 is equipped with multiple safety protections, including overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, overheating and short circuit, to ensure safe use of the device and protect your electronic appliances.
  • Advanced Connectivity: The EcoFlow Delta 2 has multiple input/output ports, including AC (220V) outlets, USB-A, USB-C, and DC ports, as well as fast charging ports for electronic devices , providing wide compatibility for charging various equipment.
In sum, the EcoFlow Delta 2 is a versatile and advanced portable power solution , offering high power output , large storage capacity, fast charging, easy portability, increased security and advanced connectivity to meet your portable power needs in various situations.


- 1 Delta 2
- 1 AC 220V charging cable
- 1 cigarette lighter charging cable
- 1 power cable DC5521 to DC5525
- 1 user manual
- 1 warranty card


The +: order the optional 110W solar panel to optimize battery charging.


Ability 1024 Wh
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 40 x 21.1 x 27.1 cm
X-Boost maximum power supported by x-boost 2400W
Exits :
THAT 4 sockets (1800W total / 2700W surge)
USB-A 2 ports (5V / 2.4A / 12W Max)
USB-A Fast Charge 2 ports (5V 2.4A / 9V 2A / 12V 1.5A, 18 W max. per port, total 36 W)
USB-C 2 ports (5/9/12/15/20V, 5A, 100W Max)

2 ports (12.6V, 3A, 38W Max)

Vehicle outlet (cigarette lighter)

1 port (12.6V, 10A, 126W Max)

AC load

1 port (1200W) X-Stream fast charging


AC input voltage: 220 to 240 V~ 10A 50 Hz/60 Hz

Solar Charger 1 port 11-60V, 15A, 500W max
Car charger 1 port (Supports 12V/24V, 8A batteries)

Battery Chemistry LFP (LiFePO4 battery)
Life cycle 3000 cycles at 80% or more capacity

Surge protection, protection against

overload protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection, protection

low temperature protection, low voltage protection, overcurrent protection

Control via app

WiFi, Bluetooth




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