EcoFlow River 2 - Portable electric station 256wh

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The EcoFlow River 2 is a portable power station that provides a reliable, clean source of energy for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. This is the second version of the popular EcoFlow River Power Station, with improved features and optimized performance. Here are some key features of the EcoFlow River 2:
  • Large Capacity: The EcoFlow River 2 has a powerful lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 256Wh (21.33 A), allowing it to power a wide range of devices and appliances. It can charge smartphones, laptops, cameras, drones, refrigerators, power tools and much more.
  • Multiple Charging Options: The River 2 offers multiple charging options, including AC (wall outlet), DC (car cigarette lighter), and solar. It is equipped with a built-in AC inverter that delivers 300W continuous output and 600W peak output, allowing you to power appliances and appliances requiring higher power. It also has multiple USB ports, DC outputs and a 12V cigarette lighter for charging various devices simultaneously.
  • Fast Charging: The EcoFlow River 2 supports fast charging with its X-Stream technology, which allows it to recharge from 0 to 80% in just 60 minutes using the included AC charger. It can also be charged using third-party solar panels, allowing you to benefit from clean, sustainable energy from the sun to generate electricity.
  • Portable and easy to use: The River 2 is designed for portability, with a convenient carry handle and wheels for easy transport. It features an intuitive LCD display that shows battery status, power output, and other important information. It is also equipped with advanced safety features, such as overload, overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection to ensure safe and reliable use.
  • Versatile Applications: The EcoFlow River 2 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including camping activities, power outage emergencies, outdoor travel, construction sites, outdoor events, and more Moreover. It can power a wide variety of electronic devices, appliances, lamps, fans, pumps, and more, providing a convenient and portable energy solution for your daily needs.


- 1 River 2
- 1 AC 220V charging cable
- 1 cigarette lighter charging cable
- 1 user manual
- 1 warranty card


The +: order the optional 110W solar panel to optimize battery charging.


Ability 256 Wh
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 24.5 x 21.5 x 14.5 cm
X-Boost maximum power supported by x-boost 600W
Exits :
THAT 1 socket ( Pure sine wave, 300W total, 600W surge, 230V 50Hz/60Hz)
USB-A 2 ports (5V / 2.4A / 12W Max)
USB-C (can be used as input for charging) 1 port (5/9/12/15/20V, 3A, 60W Max)
Vehicle outlet (cigarette lighter)

1 port (12.6V, 8A, 100W Max)

AC load

1 port (360W)

AC input voltage: 220-240V 50Hz/60Hz

Solar Charger 1 port 11-30V, 8A, 110W Max
Car charger 1 port (Supports 12.6V, 8A batteries)

Battery Chemistry LFP (LiFePO4 battery)
Life cycle 3000 cycles at 80% or more capacity

Surge protection, protection against

overload protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection, protection

low temperature protection, low voltage protection, overcurrent protection

Control via app

WiFi, Bluetooth




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