Travel Box TB 12/24V BLACK- Portable compression refrigerator

Marque : OFF Indel B

Ref : OLTB031NO35EAN

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Description :

TRAVEL BOX TB is a portable compression refrigerator operating on 12/24V.

The TRAVEL BOX range has been designed to meet all needs during travel with numerous options for secure transport.

The TB is a portable refrigerator for intensive use. It is equipped with an interior light and a compressor specially designed for “automotive” products. Their high performance makes them suitable for many uses.

The TRAVEL BOX is controlled using the control panel on the refrigerator. It is possible to change the desired temperature . It also has an ECO and MAX function . In ECO mode , the compressor operates at minimum speed maintaining a cool temperature inside. In MAX mode , the compressor operates with the maximum number of revolutions until the chosen temperature is reached.


The kit includes:

- 1 portable refrigerator TB31A
- 1 12/24V power cable (cigarette lighter socket)
- removable handles (only for TB41 "40L" and TB51 "47L")
- organizer basket (only for TB41A "40L" and TB51A "47L", unavailable for TB31A "30L")


Optional :

- steel slide base
- fixed metal base
- refrigerated transit bag
- handles
- 220V adapter on cigarette lighter socket
- optional removable handles for TB31 (30L)


Technical data :

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